June 16, 2020 | By jwdavies

Davies Allen, P.C. Interviews Sean and Sarah Wilson of Chip Cookies

Meet Sean and Sarah Wilson, founders of Chip Cookies, LLC. Chip Cookies, also known as the original gourmet cookie delivery company, delivers warm, fresh, gourmet cookies to your doorstep. When Sarah was pregnant with their first child, she was craving chocolate chip cookies, and Sean would be out late driving around looking for somewhere that was open. Along with late night drives, Sean and Sarah also had a lot of food delivered to their house, but they could never find anyone that would deliver warm cookies. 

Sean and Sarah opened up their first location in Provo, Utah: “We wanted to start in Provo because we figured there were a lot of pregnant women and students.” Chip originally began in a small kitchen they rented in Provo, Utah as just a delivery company, with no walk-in purchases. Within a couple weeks, Sean and Sarah realized people really liked their product. Once their ooey gooey cookies were available to purchase on-site, lines would form out the door. 

Now Chip Cookies has eight locations:  Provo, Utah; SLC, Utah; American Fork, Utah; Riverton, Utah; Farmington, Utah; Meridian, Idaho; Nampa, Idaho; and Boise, Idaho. When asking Sean and Sarah how they decide where to open up a new location and their growth plans, they said, “We listen to our customers. We get several requests on a daily basis to open up a new location. We are a family owned business focused on making sure we have the best product and quality – we want to make sure everyone has a great experience. We are focusing on our self and our roots; making sure we have a great foundation. We want to grow our organization and our business, and from there, we look at growing geographically and growing the Chip experience.” 

When asking Sarah and Sean what their favorite chip of the month is, aside from the “OG” chocolate chip, Sarah said the Biscoff Chip is her favorite, and Kodiak Chip is Sean’s favorite.  “A lot of people thought the Kodiak was healthy, but it was more like the kitchen sink – it tastes like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter.” Recently Chip came out with a refillable tin that comes with four of the OG cookies and a can that can be refilled with any four of their large cookies at any Chip location in 2020 for just $7. “We want to give our customers something they can keep and get a discount when they come back – it’s a win, win for everybody.”

When it comes to what they would do differently, Sean and Sarah joked not to work with family. “We are husband and wife, and I feel like we are working 24 hours a day – definitely ups and downs, but you get to share it with your best friend.” 

Sean and Sarah see a big opportunity with delivery and customer experience and expectation in the next 3-5 years. “We aren’t good at copying people; we are good at creating things. When people look at Chip or hear about Chip, they think this idea has been around forever – when we started, we didn’t know if anyone was going to buy our cookies. We started with the idea that ‘let’s try this out and see if people like this.’” 

And if Chip Cookies couldn’t get any better, you can also find them at any Utah Jazz home game. “The Jazz organization has been great. We love the team. It’s two like-minded brands trying to provide a great experience for their customers. And it’s always nice to have current and former players such as Georges Niang or Ricky Rubio stop by for their Chip fix.”

When it comes to business decisions, Sean said, “Davies Allen has been a partner since the beginning. You filed our first return, and have been there as we have thought about different business issues that relate to tax; whether it’s how we structure the business or being strategic from a tax perspective. Whenever we have had those questions or needed help, we have felt confident that we could go to Davies Allen and get good advice and take advantage of all the opportunities we have from the business.” 

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Sean and Sarah recommend believing in your vision, “In the beginning, there is no one else that shares your vision, and it’s one of the most rewarding things to literally have an idea in your mind and see what it can become. It’s cool to see what an idea can do, and the impact it can have. Be someone that makes things happen. Believe in yourself and your ideas, and make Chip happen.” 

A huge thank you to Sean and Sarah Wilson and their team at Chip Cookies. To contact them, visit chipcookies.co and @chipcookiesco on Instagram. Or visit one of their eight locations to try their mouth-watering cookies. As Chip enthusiasts, we recommend the Mini OG’s. But don’t just take our word, try the mouth-watering, perfectly caramelized, rich, liquified chocolate chip cookies today!